The Blood Burns

Book #2 in The Blood Saga is now available! 

Just as Paris and Zoe are starting their new life together, he feels a call from an old and very important client, and though he has no choice but to answer he is unable to conduct any new business. As Paris tries to brush the woman off and return to Zoe she piques his interest with a deal, and the lure of regaining his power is too much for Paris to ignore. 

Frightened by the recent appearance of a demon in their village, the Elders of Zoe’s hometown set out to bring her back and right the wrongs she has created. Her best friend, Mira, is persuaded to seek her out and warn her of the impending trouble. 
But when she finds Zoe in the city, she learns that her friend has made some surprising and quite terrifying new friends. As Mira is grappling with the reality of Zoe’s new life, a pair of Hunter demons attack. 

In centuries past, these Hunters were kept under control by the Council Lords, backed by the massive power of the Grand Elder, but now that Mateo is the only one remaining of these three, they are running rampant, killing anyone they view as a threat to their existence.

Fantasy Fiction Author